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Jabil is closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 around the world. As COVID-19 continues to make an impact on many of our communities, our main priority remains the same — keeping our employees safe and healthy.

Our teams across all our 100+ locations are doing everything in their power to help ensure employees have a safe working environment where they can maintain their health and focus on their well-being, while continuing to deliver for our customers to the best of our ability.

The health and safety procedures implemented by Jabil locations around the world include, but are not limited to:

  • enhanced building sanitation protocols 
  • daily temperature screenings for everyone entering our facilities 
  • issuing and requiring the use of face masks
  • social distancing protocols and tools 
  • increasing personal hygiene requirements and tools, like hand sanitization stations 
  • limiting access to sites, which includes having employees whose work is not building-dependent work from home
  • suspending travel and site visits
  • sharing educational materials aimed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

We are also continuously analyzing new information and data shared by health experts to determine additional programs and measures our sites can adopt to better protect our people. These include:

  • an employee wellness program, providing assistance to impacted employees
  • enhanced contact tracing by trained and certified Jabil employees
  • UV lighting and HVAC air filtration systems to disinfect airborne organisms and viruses and maintain air quality throughout our sites

Our sites are following, and will continue to follow, all protocols from their local government and health officials.

As the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has progressed at various stages across the world, Jabil is strongly encouraging all employees betano loginget the vaccine and booster as it becomes available. We have shared educational information with all our sites to elevate the trust and confidence in the vaccine and partnered with local health authorities to help employees get vaccinated at various Jabil sites.

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In addition to keeping our people healthy and our factories safe, the stress, anxiety, fear and isolation brought on by the pandemic has magnified the importance of other aspects of employee well-being, such as mental health. At Jabil, we are committed to providing employees with the support, tools, resources and opportunities to prioritize their own health and wellbeing, be it physical, mental or emotional. To further demonstrate our commitment, we began offering all full-time employees two additional days of paid time off for mental wellness in 2022. We hope this will help build mental health resilience so our employees can live happy and meaningful lives.

Jabil takes its responsibility to our employees very seriously, and we are diligently working to do our part during this difficult time to help keep our employees safe and well.

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At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Jabil sprang into action. In addition to taking extensive proactive measures to protect our employees, we retooled and ramped numerous production facilities to help meet with growing equipment needs of hospitals and workers.

Jabil Healthcare helped our customers quickly scale production for medical betano online bettingand surgical devices, diagnostic equipment and consumables, and pharmaceutical delivery systems needed to evaluate, diagnose, monitor and treat infected patients, as well as protect health care workers.

Jabil Healthcare also helped customers with a myriad of other healthcare-related products and services, such as additive manufacturing/3D printing and device sterilization and reprocessing services. As PPE supplies grew increasingly limited, our teams came up with a solution: they'd make their own hand sanitizer and face masks. At the height of the pandemic during 2020 and 2021, Jabil and its medical device subsidiary, NP Medical ,were producing more than a million FDA-cleared, Berry Amendment-compliant surgical face masks each week at sites across the United States. We are still available to produce large quantities of masks. Learn more about Jabil's PPE Face Masks.

Jabil Packaging Solutions has provided essential consumer goods packaging and packaging for food products, all of which experienced increased demand.

Additionally, technology continues to play a critical role in allowing for remote working. For example, Jabil Cloud provides global enterprise businesses with the necessary infrastructure to meet today's challenging demand for network traffic.

In order to support our customers, we have worked with multiple governments and governmental agencies in many of the regions in which we operate to help convert our manufacturing betano sport bettingcapacity to products deemed critical or essential to infrastructure, health and safety. We are committed to supporting these areas with our manufacturing solutions and doing so with the care and safety of our employees as a top priority.

Our Response in China Helped Us Take Action Early

Jabil was forced to confront the issue of how to control the spread of COVID-19 and protect our employees in January 2020, when the pandemic originally broke in China. Jabil's leadership team immediately sprang into action, establishing measures that included hygiene protocols, temperature screenings and sanitation stations, as well as restricting plant access to essential-to-manufacturing employees, banning travel and site visitors and enabling people to work from home to minimize the spread and impact of the virus.

This initial response in Jabil's Fiscal Year 2020 — while resulting in a direct cost of $53 million — was effective, enabling many of our factories in China to successfully recover to almost full capacity, while protecting our employees. Our approach to the initial outbreak of COVID-19 proved to be a valuable experience as the crisis escalated. The protocols and best practices were quickly implemented at sites around the world when COVID-19 continued to spread.

We continue to monitor the situation at all our sites, diligently working to give all our employees the tools, resources and information they need to help keep themselves betano sport bettingand others healthy, minimize risk, reduce spread and — above all — ensure that each employee goes home safely every night.