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Highly functional products require high-precision betano casino reviewadvanced automation solutions for their alignment and assembly.

betano casino reviewadvanced automation solutions are necessary to meet today’s precision alignment, handling and assembly process challenges. High repeatability assembly robots with a minimized footprint and unified control platform have become the norm. Jabil’s precision automation capabilities can provide both the ROI and flexibility you require through collaborative robotic platform integrations.

When it comes to your next-gen product, Designing for Automated Assembly (DFAA) delivers real benefits such as reduced product cost, proper functionality and increased reliability. Besides meeting the need for seemingly impossible sub-micron tolerances, Jabil can help you create advanced precision automations as part of an end-to-end manufacturing solution with high productivity; reduced cycle time; minimized downtime; and future-proof flexibility.

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  • Active Alignment
  • Injection Molding
  • LSR Molding
  • Precision Automation
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Tooling

Active Alignment

As more devices include cutting-edge cameras and optical systems, Jabil can help you scale the active alignment technologies that make high-quality “sight” possible, from idea to lab to mass production. Our flexible platforms use state-of-the-art betano casino reviewactive alignment algorithms to generate the best quality in optical performance for applications across a variety of technologies, including imaging systems, LiDAR, augmented and virtual reality and more. Products are paired with the most appropriate platform as well as the best precision automation for optimizing your product’s optics system.

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Injection Molding

Highly functional plastic parts require precision, high tolerance complex injection molding to meet the specialized requirements of industries like electronics, automotive, medical devices and optics. Jabil’s precision injection molding team helps customers build better products from ideation to commercialization, beginning with plastic part optimization and validation to mold engineering development and qualification. Together, we can help develop molds anywhere from one cavity to 144 or more cavities. Additionally, our 3D computed tomography (CT) scanning lets us non-destructively visualize, measure and analyze precision parts and assemblies internally and externally. This yields fast, accurate results that save our customers significant time and effort.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding

Medical device manufacturers betano casino reviewhave long injection-molded liquid silicone rubber (LSR) because it is chemically inert, resists bacteria and is easy to sterilize. Jabil's precision injection mold tooling and prototyping expertise enables cost-effective molds optimized for high-volume precision LSR parts. Bio-compatible, comfortable and waterproof qualities make LSR a key component of the next generation of wearable e-textiles and smart fitness trackers.

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Precision Automation

High-performance products like smartphones, automotives, medical devices and semiconductors all rely on precision automation for their assembly and alignment. By engaging with our customers early in the process, Jabil leverages precision automation expertise to provide solutions for assembly processes that cannot be done any other way, from a simple pick-and-place to micron-level alignment applications, that fit your precise needs. We work with customers to optimize product design for automated assembly before manufacturing to save on costs and improve the product’s overall quality. Automation equipment can be designed, built and tested as needed for your product. Then, we’ll help you streamline the manufacturing process and bring your product to fruition.

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Precision Mechanics

Products are shrinking and often must perform betano online bettingunder harsh conditions, requiring efficient, quality components that fit within new miniature footprints. Precision mechanics brings components, mechatronic and robotic systems and miniaturized devices to life for applications across industries like industrial, consumer electronics, automotive and transportation and healthcare. But precision mechanics is more than just producing smaller components. As a means of production, precision mechanics incorporates four core engineering technologies to help devices and products work smoothly over time: high-precision mechanics, kinematic systems, mechatronics and miniaturized systems.

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For decades, CNC machinery has been used in advanced manufacturing processes—their effectiveness only limited by their cutting tools. Jabil offers advanced CNC cutter solutions by specializing in the development of carbide cutting tools for precision cutting in many key markets. The Jabil team works with customers around the globe to design and create precision mold cutters for plastics and composites, aluminum, stainless steel and other hard metals. Equipped with more than 50 sets of precision grinding machines and state-of-the-art measurement equipment, Jabil's tools are proven more reliable and longer lasting than many on the market.

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