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Packaging Solutions Overview

Consumers will change the way they shop more in the next 10 years than they have over the last four decades – and the world of packaging is being altered forever. Online shopping has created more choices, less brand loyalty and fragmented marketing. Sellers don’t control the buyers journey any more. Buyers are calling the shots.

That means brands and retailers risk losing consumers’ loyalty and declining revenues if they do not create new packaging that enables personalization, convenience, sustainability and accessibility.

Jabil Packaging Solutions leverages three unique solutions suites to incorporate packaging, electronics and digital capabilities into intelligent ecosystems that connect brands and retailers with evolving consumer needs.

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We offer stock packaging products within home care, personal care and food & beverage

Packaging Manufacturers

Custom Packaging

Need something specific to you and your brand needs? No problem. Get started on custom projects today!

Packaging Manufacturers

Sustainable Packaging

Learn more about the sustainable packaging solutions that we offer including Ecologic and more!


Jabil Packaging Solutions Technology Platforms


Ecologic is a hybrid paper packaging technology that leverages a strong fiber outer shell and a very thin inner plastic liner, resulting in containers that are up to 70% less plastic when compared to formats of the same size.

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Connected Packaging

betano mobile appConnected Packaging brings the future into our homes today, allowing consumer packaged goods brands to disrupt the marketplace with game-changing auto-replenishment that transforms the user experience and boosts brand loyalty.

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FusePack is a new hybrid packaging structure that combines the best features of rigid, flexible and fiber packaging. The rigid interior frame defines the shape and provides structural integrity while the in-mold label (IML) or paper panels enclose and protect the product.

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Markets We Serve

Food & Beverage

Buyers want fresh food that lasts longer than ever. On-the-go packaging is appealing but not when it fails to account for recyclability and excessive plastic use.  

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Home Care

A renewed focus on value is joined by increasing consumer awareness around product safety and efficacy. Growing ecommerce revenue requires a sensible omnichannel approach that doesn’t abandon in-store buyers.

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Personal Care

Products that touch our skin and support our health are under increased scrutiny from buyers. Sustainability, personalization, and new subscription models are changing the recipes for success in betano casino reviewPersonal Care Packaging.

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Professional Care

Dispensing devices in schools, stadiums, offices, and retail must be safe and reliable. But can’t they be smart too with auto-replenishment betano casino reviewand janitorial communications that drive efficiency and improve the user experience.

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Packaging Highlights

Watch the Replay: EcoJar Solution Overview Webinar

Ecologic’s groundbreaking hybrid paper bottle technology arrives in jar formats for cosmetics, lotions & creams, hair care products and consumer healthcare.

2022 Sustainable Packaging Trends Report
Hear from your peers on CPG goals and challenges as well as product-level strategies regarding paper and compostable resins.

Sourcing Post Consumer Resin: Six Considerations
Ask many of the world's leading brands about their sustainable packaging plans and they will tell you: they aim to make their packaging 100% reusable or recyclable by 2025. 

Four Smart Strategies to Sustainable Packaging Design
When Thomas Edison counseled, "We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation," the inventor probably wasn't thinking about how to eliminate or reduce the quantity of plastics floating in the ocean or lying in landfills.

Sustainable Solutions to Product Packaging
Sustainability is not just a packaging industry issue. Sustainability represents one of the biggest challenges facing all of us today.

Three Sustainable Packaging Trends Shaping the Future
In 1955, Life magazine published an article entitled “Throwaway Living.” The article celebrated disposability, hailing it as a sign of progress, a promise that someday chores like washing dishes will become an antiquated form of drudgery.

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Watch Replay: EcoJar Solution Overview Webinar

betano online bettingEcologic’s groundbreaking hybrid paper bottle technology arrives in jar formats for cosmetics, lotions & creams, hair care products and consumer healthcare. This seamless two-piece design leverages a mechanical connection (no adhesives!) to connect the recycled outer fiber shell and recyclable inner liner. Watch the replay to learn how this lightweight, eco-friendly design leverages post-consumer recycled paper and reduces plastic consumption per unit by as much as 60%.