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The commercial drone market is expected to have up to a 40% growth rate through 2030.* Industries as diverse as entertainment and agriculture are adopting drones at the highest rates while other sectors are actively testing drones and unmanned aerial vehicles betano online betting(UAVs). Industries that require far-ranging inspections like utilities, real estate, communications networks, and construction sites are exploring the addition of drones to their toolbox. Drones and UAVs are efficient, fast, and small. UAVs in particular have the potential to diminish the cost and risks of human staff traveling in traffic or off-road in carbon-emitting vehicles.


How do you keep up with this rising demand? Jabil can help speed your time to market by providing needed capabilities in materials, power management, optics, sensors, molding, assembly, and electro-mechanical manufacturing. Today, Jabil provides many of these solutions to top automotive brands to support autonomous driving features which are similar to drones used in beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLoS) missions.

Working with Jabil provides you with the confidence of a proven partner with expertise in many key features of modern drones. The technology and capabilities associated with drones have exploded far beyond the hobbyist. Used in the critical industrial, agricultural, and defense sectors, today’s drones have sophisticated on-board intelligence that includes:

  • Energy management
  • Real-time remote control
  • Image and video streaming
  • Environment-sensing optics and sensors
  • Autonomous routing
  • BVLoS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)

betano casino reviewEach of these features require solid experience in complex technologies and high-quality operations. Jabil is ready to take some of your burden by providing Drone manufacturing solutions that ensure a reliable drone—produced at scale and at speed—operating at top performance.

Jabil’s drone manufacturing solutions address all aspects of the complex drone ecosystem applying individual capabilities through integration, testing, and final packaging.

Power Management

For drones to operate remotely, go farther, and see more requires solid experience in complex technologies and high-quality, precision operations for energy storage and battery management.

More about batteries and power.

Materials Engineering

Jabil’s materials engineers create and refine materials for our customers to enhance select product properties such as weight, durability, and texture.

More about materials.

Connectivity & Communications

Jabil has vast experience with connected devices from fitness trackers to electric vehicles. Our teams understand the complexities of communication from design through assembly and testing.

More about connectivity.


Advanced Assembly

Jabil’s deep knowledge in areas like final assembly and test, box builds, electro-mechanical assembly, human-machine interfaces, and optics allow us to create unique, scalable final system assembly processes of the highest quality.

More about advanced assembly.


Optics & Sensors

Jabil has over 20 years of experience in cameras, optics, radar, LiDAR, and sensors that help avoid collisions and provide 360° view of vehicle.

More on optics.



  • Interior Cameras
  • Exterior Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Active Alignment
  • 360-degree Cameras
  • LiDAR
  • Radar


  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • High Mix, Low Volume
  • Build to Print
  • Industrialization
  • Ruggedization

Quality & Safety

  • Commercial-level Testing
  • AS 9100
  • ISO Certifications
  • VDA Certifications

Supply Chain Services

  • BOM Optimization
  • Procurement Intelligence
  • Resource Planning
  • Orchestration & Analytics
  • Transportation & Logistics


Gain Supply Chain Advantages
By contracting with Jabil, your product and development teams can optimize design for supply chain risk/performance, testability, and manufacturability. Jabil has the skills to take the concept and walk it through engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing ‒ i.e., the prototype skillset to drive through to production. The resulting design will drive costs down, enable high quality levels within manufacturing, allow appropriate testing, and expedient ramp to mass production.

Power Management Requires Automated Manufacturing
To manufacture power and charging technology, automated assembly is critical to ensuring the integrity of its multi-board, multi-cable, complex mechanical assembly into an environmentally sealed end product. Maximized efficiency, quality of the finished product, and repeatability during production can be achieved through Jabil’s highly automated manufacturing. With the right expertise, even complex product assemblies such as battery junction boxes, on-board betano sport bettingchargers or traction inverters can be produced using highly automated manufacturing techniques.

Tap Into Specialized Manufacturing
Power management and charging electronics manufacturing require a significant amount of expertise, competence, and specialized processes, equipment, and facilities. Re-purposing existing factories and labor takes substantial investments in buildings, equipment, and know-how. Therefore, it makes sense to partner with the manufacturing specialists at Jabil who have already made investments and built expertise in complex, regulated industries.

* Commercial Drone Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Fixed-wing, Rotary Blade, Hybrid), By Application, By End-use, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 - 2030

Drone Manufacturing Fact Sheet


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