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Building circular economy solutions is one of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, we face in creating more sustainable products.

As we move away from the environmentally damaging process of “take, make, consume, dispose," we are turning toward designing for circularity and sustainability. It is critical to start planning for a product’s end-of-life from its earliest stages — before the product even exists. By starting at an early design phase, we can be selective throughout the manufacturing process, from the materials to the assembly methods required to ensure the most sustainable choices. Across all industries, from healthcare and automotive to retail and packaging, design principles like thoughtful material usage, modular design and sustainable supply chain partners can help create circularity in the product lifecycle.

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By intentionally designing betano casino reviewfor circularity from the beginning and throughout the production process, we reduce contaminants and avoid materials that are difficult to remove for reuse and recycling, such as screws, bolts and glue. Instead, we help our customers rethink their assembly processes to include materials like shape-memory resins for lighter, stronger and infinitely more sustainable products. Additionally, we help our customers design with modularity in mind so a product’s individual materials and components can be upgraded as newer technologies are developed and the complete product can be easily disassembled at the end of its life.

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Materials Innovation Center

Many materials that are used in a final product design require some amount of engineering to meet customers’ desired levels of sustainability. Jabil’s Materials Innovation Center in Chaska, Minnesota, fills that void in the traditional and additive materials space by developing custom additive and injection molding materials. These materials have unique properties to meet the specialized needs of customers — from being flame-retardant betano mobile appand compostable to completely biodegradable. Opening unprecedented new options for additive manufacturing in countless verticals, these specialized materials can help customers across industries develop more sustainable products through end-of-life.

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Recycling Materials

One of Jabil’s biggest circular economy priorities is developing data-driven circular value supply chains that look beyond recycling. We aim to help our customers recirculate raw materials, such as plastics, back into their supply chains for re-application into new products. To keep select other materials out of the landfill, our researchers work with partners to repurpose waste as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for heating and electricity or for reprocessing into other useful materials used in the cosmetics industry. Additionally, we work with our customers to redeploy and reuse products, parts and components. Jabil creates Design-to-Dust solutions for our customers that start from a simple idea on a napkin and end with the decommission and deconstruction of devices at the end of their lives.

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Sustainable Packaging

betano casino reviewCompanies are under growing pressure from legislators, consumers and a changing environment to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics and improve the overall sustainability of their packaging portfolios. Jabil Packaging Solutions has the resources and experience to help our customers deliver innovative, sustainable packaging for virtually any consumer product — from food and beverage to home and personal care. Whether you’re looking to increase the recyclability or reusability of your current packaging or develop an entirely new format, Jabil can help determine and source the ideal material for your packaging needs while validating its sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.

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