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Innovative pathogen mitigation solutions like non-contact human-machine interfaces limit the spread of infection from shared, high-touch surfaces.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public awareness of the potential for infection through shared surfaces. Jabil addresses pathogen mitigation through three areas of focus. Pathogen mitigation through avoidance is achieved by preventing users from touching those surfaces in the first place. Jabil has developed innovative solutions to create touchless human machine interfaces (HMIs) like gesture control, improved acoustics for voice control of smart appliances and holographic “touch” screens that avoid cross-contamination.

Jabil also addresses pathogen mitigation through elimination by working with partners and developing solutions that destroy pathogens in the air and on surfaces. For example, autonomous robotic systems disinfect surfaces and air with UV light, while the use of specific materials and surface treatments prevent pathogen transmission.

Finally, pathogen detection relies on diagnostic technology to detect pathogens in the environment. Jabil can help your company develop or manufacture the products needed for pathogen mitigation. 

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  • Avoidance
  • Elimination
  • Detection


There is increasing public awareness of risk and expectation for touchless interfaces, such as voice-controlled or touchless human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for ATMs, self-service kiosks, access controls and vending. Holographic displays use light to project a mid-air screen image and track the user's hand motions through sophisticated time-of-flight sensors. The system can even provide tactile effects that mimic the feel of touching physical buttons.

Jabil’s acoustics expertise produces devices that can more accurately understand and respond to users’ voices, betano online bettingeven in noisy environments. Natural speech algorithms provide easy-to-use solutions. Our HMI reference designs can be rapidly customized for your application. Materials engineering, proprietary embedded software and unique injection molding processes enable next-generation HMI screens and enclosures in the size, shape, material, color and texture you require. The Jabil System-on-Module platform that powers these systems allows rapid customization with our Software Development Toolkit.

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Material selection and surface treatments play an important role in pathogen mitigation. Jabil employs techniques such as laser texturing to reduce pathogens’ viability on surfaces. Working with specialized partners, Jabil provides antimicrobial and antiviral materials and surface treatments to prevent pathogens from surviving on surfaces.

Autonomous robots can be deployed after hours in high-traffic areas, like grocery stores, to provide rapid UV-C light disinfection, reducing betano sport bettingthe need for expensive, time-consuming cleaning with harsh chemicals.

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A key component of pathogen mitigation is detection. Jabil's expertise in microfluidics is at the core of easy-to-use, reusable point-of-care devices that can be leveraged for a variety of applications. Using high-precision molding and optics, microfluidic cartridges are integrated with RFID tags, lab-on-chip technology and miniaturized sensors that detect the presence of disease to create a portable diagnostic solution to prevent the spread of pathogens.

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