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Robotics and autonomous systems are working alongside humans to transform industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare and transportation.

As the pandemic disrupted business operations, more companies saw a need for autonomous systems that could extend the capabilities of humans. Autonomous systems have already transformed manufacturing, enabling huge leaps in productivity with improved vision systems, greater mobility and flexible assembly options.

Consumers are excited by the advent of autonomous betano online bettingvehicles, and savvy businesses are looking to implement autonomous systems in their products and internal operations. Jabil’s autonomous systems solutions enable everything from drones, tractors and last-mile delivery robots to manufacturing processes and even autonomous lawnmowers. We will help you move beyond the basics of motors and mechanics to differentiate your system.

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  • Acoustics
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Optics & Imaging
  • Power Requirements and Design
  • Printed Electronics
  • Robots
  • Wireless Connectivity


The successful operation of many autonomous systems depends on sound, starting with their ability to understand the human voice and deliver spoken information back to the user. Jabil is developing acoustics solutions for microphones and speakers that our customers can integrate into their autonomous systems. To ensure that the robot’s own sounds do not interfere with voice commands, we have developed solutions that suppress noise and cancel echoes for applications for mobile robots. Additionally, our unique acoustic testing "listens" for loose parts and identifies them in the assembly before units go into production, ensuring only the highest quality manufacturing.

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We have a broad spectrum of engineering services that include everything from internal capacity supplements and outsourced engineering layout and verification to providing a la carte services in electrical, mechanical, software and value engineering. Our experienced engineers optimize manufacturing quality and employ cost avoidance using industry standard tools and processes. betano mobile appFrom Design for X (DFx) tools and NPI support to conducting product teardowns, our engineers augment our customers’ in-house capabilities. 

Due to the lack of regulation in robotics right now, Jabil engineers participate in standards boards to help customers design for safety, especially with robots that must be approved for working around people.

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Manufacturing and Assembly

With Jabil, customers have access to a world-class manufacturing global footprint consisting of over 100 facilities on four continents. Jabil enables global companies to make fast, high-quality supply chain decisions without sacrificing agility, resilience, predictability or compliance.

Jabil’s additive manufacturing expertise unlocks incredible value for our customers. From dramatically reducing system weight to simplifying the design and reducing the number of parts required, we can simultaneously reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and boost performance of the system. But it does not end there. Additive manufacturing can help customers reimagine their businesses by adding personalization schemes with things like on-demand printing and the freedom to design and print everywhere.

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Optics & Imaging

With vertically integrated capabilities in process development, optics design, electromechanical design and electronics, Jabil can help develop low-powered, high-resolution cameras and LiDAR to give your autonomous system the power of sight. Our manufacturing capabilities, from prototyping and mass production to test and measurement and qualified automotive manufacturing processes, make Jabil an end-to-end solutions provider. Jabil crafts R&D programs so they align with customer programs, betano loginindustry trends, and in many cases, the potential for collaboration with leading companies in the imaging ecosystem. Jabil’s capabilities and leading active alignment expertise, combined with design, manufacturing and supply chain prowess, can help you create scalable optics solutions for your autonomous systems. 

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Developing the right power system is key to the creation of autonomous systems. The batteries in products like autonomous robots and electrified vehicles (EV) must be charged and recharged, and they require electrification solutions.

As demand for EVs soars, we must consider the strain on electric grids that charging stations will produce. How can EVs improve sustainability? What happens to the EV supply chain when supply chain disruptions arise? Additionally, the market and supply chain for EVs are different from traditional vehicles. Jabil helps customers consider these challenges and more. With our engineering design expertise, scalable, flexible IATF-certified manufacturing, and an end-to-end global supply chain, we can help our customers navigate this complex and changing industry.

Jabil will help you identify requirements for your specific power needs, whether it is a design for a hot-swap battery application or understanding requirements to determine what is needed for recharging.

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Printed Electronics

With advances in materials and manufacturing processes, Jabil is developing expertise to help customers integrate flexible and printed hybrid electronics. Printed sensors, batteries, antennas and wire harnesses create the interactivity, connectivity and tracking necessary for autonomous robots and drones. The lighter betano mobile appweight, integrated functionality and improved flexibility of printed electronics enable designers to create innovative new autonomous systems of all form factors, unconstrained by traditional electronics. Paired with Jabil’s manufacturing and supply chain experience and global footprint, printed and flexible hybrid electronics can help increase the value of an autonomous system while decreasing its production costs.

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Beyond automated factories and warehouses, robotics enables applications from last-mile delivery and drones to remote surgical stations and grocery store inventory. To keep up with demand, designers in every industry are adding robotics to their products and processes; manufacturers are upgrading existing automated equipment and adding additional robotics wherever possible in the supply chain. Jabil has the depth and breadth of expertise needed to help our customers design, manufacture and deliver complex robotic components and products worldwide — including complete end-to-end solutions. We’ve successfully integrated products for various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and defense and aerospace. 

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Wireless Connectivity

Jabil has extensive wireless expertise in architecture and antenna design, Bluetooth®  wireless technology, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, and cloud-based solutions. We can help customers optimize their wireless solutions for interoperability in different environments, determine the appropriate technologies and chipsets, consider the optimal materials and packaging, and design solutions for future technology trends.

Thanks to its high speeds, low latency and the ability betano mobile appto support massive numbers of IoT connections, 5G is increasingly driving the connectivity of autonomous systems like last-mile delivery robots, autonomous mobile robots and connected vehicles. With our end-to-end design, testing and manufacturing solutions, Jabil helps our customers integrate next generation 5G connectivity into their systems to power and improve autonomy.


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