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Jabil is a world class provider offering end-to-end solutions for aerospace and defense with a global footprint, rigorous engineering, and agile methodologies to deliver innovative and practical solutions.

Jabil is at the forefront of driving innovation for the aerospace and defense industries. Our teams work with you to streamline engineering processes, adopt agile methodologies, and support collaboration to enhance efficiency and reduce time-to-market, all while maintaining a strong focus on cost management.

Our comprehensive capabilities portfolio allows us to design, engineer, and deliver state-of-the-art electronics and precision mechanics that meet your unique needs. At Jabil, we specialize in providing mission-critical high-mix/low-volume electro-mechanical systems that are tailored to the needs of OEM and military supply chains. We are dedicated to delivering holistic end-to-end capabilities that ensure you can achieve enduring success.

Mission-Critical Aerospace & Defense Technology

Jabil's Defense and Aerospace business is dedicated to making advances in defense and aerospace technology. We focus on developing dependable mechanicals and electronics. betano loginWe value practical innovation, striving to meet quality standards and ensure compliance. Meanwhile, we are vigilant about saving costs, enhancing performance, and ensuring on-time delivery of your projects. We are here to help bring your defense and aerospace goals to life.

Drones and Autonomous Systems

Jabil is a trusted partner to companies developing multiple autonomous systems like drones and UAVs. We offer a wide range of capabilities that support diverse applications such as military missions or commercial services. Our expertise, ability to rapidly scale electronics manufacturing, and commitment to technology innovation make us an ideal partner to explore the untapped potential of unmanned systems.

Low-Earth Orbit Satelites

We bring your team advanced design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions to help you navigate the complexities of the satellite market more efficiently and effectively. Our expertise in cutting-edge technology and miniaturization techniques position us as the partner of choice for companies seeking expand their reach in the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite sector. Whether enhancing global connectivity or supporting critical missions in earth observation and navigation, Jabil’s comprehensive suite of services help you achieve your strategic betano mobile appobjectives with reliability and precision.


Jabil is committed to pioneering the future of aerospace by working alongside industry leaders to meet the demand for new air mobility solutions like eVTOLs. Our collaborative efforts aim to streamline production processes, elevate technological capabilities, and ensure the highest standards of quality. Jabil's expertise can accelerate your aerospace innovations and make the skies more accessible, efficient, and sustainable for future generations.

Supply Chain

Our large-scale global supply chain operations coupled with a commitment to resilience puts Jabil in a unique position to offer unparalleled visibility into supply chain risks like component shortages. By leveraging our advanced digital procurement intelligence platform, we not only anticipate disruptions but also ensure a steady flow of supplies, safeguarding your critical defense and aerospace missions. Trust in Jabil for a safe pair of hands, dedicated to maintaining the integrity and continuity of your operations no matter the global challenges.

Dedicated Facilities

Jabil is dedicated to serving the aerospace and defense industries through five strategically located sites across three countries. These sites are designed to meet stringent quality certifications, registrations, and compliance betano casino reviewrequirements of the defense and aerospace sectors. We are committed to safeguarding both intellectual and physical properties with ITAR and AS 9100 certified facilities.

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Jabil Defense & Aerospace specializes in mission-critical high-mix/low-volume electro-mechanical systems.

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