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With expertise in printed and flexible hybrid electronics, Jabil designs, sources, manufactures and integrates flexible and stretchable circuitry into products for mass production.

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Light, thin, flexible and stretchable printed circuits combined with surface mount technology (SMT) electronics create printed and flexible hybrid electronics that usher in the next generation of connected smart devices. They can add sensing, computing, connectivity, interactivity and trackability to any material or product — from yogurt cups and bandages to aircraft parts.

Our knowledge of printed and flexible hybrid electronics is based on Jabil’s rich experience of traditional rigid and flexible circuit board assembly, leveraging technologies such as printing and curing of adhesives, as well as solders and surface mount technology. betano loginFlexible and printed hybrid electronics is an additive manufacturing process using conductive inks to print circuitry on a wide range of substrates, including plastics, glass, metal, paper and fabrics. With flexible and stretchable electronics, products are simpler, sleeker, thinner, weigh less and provide greater functionality.

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With printed and flexible hybrid electronics, creating innovative designs and delivering products requires deep technical skills in several other areas. Jabil’s engineers have extensive knowledge of conductive and functional inks and the handling of flexible substrates, and they understand how to integrate flexible and traditional components. Jabil designs rigorous mechanical and electrical methods of testing these components, including IPC standards testing. Finally, Jabil engineers develop a deep understanding and expertise in processes such as lamination, molding betano loginand sewing to create the ideal printed and flexible hybrid electronics for your solution.


Printed and flexible hybrid electronics present opportunities for creating and integrating electronics directly on plastic, glass, paper, textil, polymers or metals reducing overall materials and process steps. With Jabil’s expertise in materials and scalable manufacturing, we can create custom solutions in a wide array of printed and flexible hybrid electronics applications, like smart beds or shoe insoles with sensors. Reliable electrical interconnects play a significant role in withstanding various mechanical and environmental stress, such as bending, creasing, pressing and stretching, as well as washing. Jabil leverages different interconnect methods, from standard connectors like snaps to direct bonding. By working with industry-leading suppliers and partners, we help our customers create and incorporate flexible components made betano loginfrom conductive and functional inks and substrates. 


Augmenting internal capabilities for printed and flexible hybrid electronics with strategic external partnerships, we develop solutions ranging from printed circuit traces on flexible substrates to printed sensors, antennas and batteries. Using our broad industry knowledge, we help customers develop solutions for everything from health and equipment performance monitoring to detecting tampered packages. Our thermal imaging processes pinpoint failure and stress points in printed traces in specific applications such as gym shorts.

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